Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Playing With a Possum

Today the girls were playing out back with their neighbor friend, Nathalie, when all three of them came running in the house screaming like they'd all been seriously injured. I quickly shut the door behind them, thinking our neighbor's pit bull in our back yard again. Thankfully, it was not a pit bull, but a harmless baby possum. Of course, at the time I had no idea what it was, because Autumn was the one who first saw it and labeled it a rat. I kept the girls in the house and went out back in search of the "rat" with a shovel in my hand. If you've ever seen our jungle of a back yard, you may be thinking what I was thinking, "It will be nearly impossible to find a rodent in our backyard!"

To my surprise, I found a baby possum cowering in the bushes, shaking and scared to death. I think the girls' high-pitched screams almost gave the little thing a heart-attack! I had Nathalie go get her dad and he scooped it up with the shovel and put it in a box. A man from Animal Regulations just drove away with the little creature, but not before he let me pet the baby. He said they don't bit at that age, it's all just a show when they bare their teeth. He didn't even wear gloves when he picked that possum up by the tail! I said they look cute when they're babies, and he said that we might find more of them in our backyard. Great--that means more screaming!

Seriously, though, I hope that is the last possum (baby or not) that we see in a long while.

1 comment:

Kathy said...

He's actually really cute!

But. yes lets hop that it is the last--I'd scream too!