Thursday, April 1, 2010

A letter in the mailbox

Today I got a letter--an old-fashioned letter--from my nephew, Logan, who lives in Tennessee. It was on lined notebook paper, handwritten and an entire page long! He thanked me for the handmade birthday card I sent him, assured me that--at 13--he was not too old to be receiving handmade cards from me, told me he still wanted me to send him cards on his birthday, told me about the cold and wet weather they've had recently, told me what he got for his birthday and where they went to celebrate. I won't even go into the immaculate penmanship...

I am seriously thinking about framing the letter. At the least, I will put it on the refrigerator. You see, this is the first letter I have received in the mail in a long time. The only person I correspond with by mail is my aunt in Illinois, and even then we only write each other a few times a year.

I love, love, love receiving letters, as you can tell. I told Eric that this was the happiest day of my life. I was--of course--exaggerating, but it definitely made my day, my week! I am going to sit down at my desk, dust off my stationery box and write him a letter in return. Oh the joy!

Who knows--we may bring back an old tradition.


Dawn said...

You know, I remember "letters" too, and the excitement of receiving them - way back in the olden days. I had one friend at church when I was in my teens who I only saw @ church because we lived in another town. She and I would write each other letters (loooooong letters) during the week and exchange them on Sundays. I also had several pen pals as a child. Those were great experiences. I think about writing letters, but (sad to say) since I've been typing everything for the past 20 years or so on a computer, and worked at typing 8 hours a day for the police department for 9 years or so, my handwriting is terrible, and it is hard for me to write longhand. Maybe it's because I'm OLD :). Anyway, I enjoyed your blog.

Michele said...

I also love getting your handmade cards, it is such a joy. I wish I was better at it, maybe I'll surprise you one day!