Saturday, April 17, 2010


Today Amber turns 7. Wednesday we went to Disneyland to celebrate. The weather was beautiful! It was a low-numbers day for Disney and the longest we had to wait in line was 40 minutes (to see the Princesses). Amber and Autumn were on their best behavior, not complaining at all. And we didn't spend a penny once we got inside Disneyland (we brought all of our food and drinks)! We all had a wonderful time. Amber's favorites were: the parade, seeing Mickey & Minnie, Toon Town, Pixie Hollow (where Tinkerbell lives) and seeing the Princesses. She thoroughly enjoyed Thunder Mountain Railroad, a wild roller-coaster. I really like it, too! Autumn liked the Dumbo ride, the parade, Mickey's house and the Princesses. I liked Pirates of the Caribbean, of course! Eric and I both liked seeing the excitement and joy on the girls faces all throughout the day! Below are 16 out of the 160 pictures I took (only 10 percent). Enjoy the smiling faces!
My favorite picture: the birthday girl!

The classic family Disneyland photo!





Michele said...

Looks like a great time! Happy Birthday!!!! (The last time Scott and I were there we rode the Pirates over and over, it was this time of year and there were no lines most of the time, very cool!)

Dawn said...

Sounds like you all had a blast. A belated Happy Birthday to Amber. We haven't been to Disneyland for ages, and your pics made me miss it.