Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Amber is going on her first (non-parent-arranged) sleepover. She was invited to spend the night at our next-door-neighbor's house this Friday. Julisa is two years older than Amber. The plans were made last Friday and it's just about all Amber has been talking about since then. It's only next door and it's still two days away, but Amber has gathered her clothes, nightgown and swimsuit (oh yeah, you never know when the hot weather will set in!) She wants me to get out her little pink suitcase, too. "And I don't want to forget my toothbrush," she reminded me. I told her that she's only going next door and she can brush her teeth when she returns the next morning, but she said, "Julisa said I HAVE to bring my toothbrush." We have plans for Saturday morning, so Amber is really only going to be next door for a short visit. However, she and Julisa have made all sorts of plans for the sleepover, which include a possible trip to the mall, movies, lots of food, playing in the backyard (if it doesn't rain) and performing a little musical.

I got to thinking about Amber's sleepover, and the excitement of an almost 7-year-old over a few hours of fun that hasn't even happened yet. Do I get that excited about an upcoming trip or retreat or vacation? Or do I see it as "one more thing to do?" Do I anticipate a getaway with statements like, "I HAVE to pack the suitcases." Do I say that "my schedule is so full" just because it includes a weekend away from normal life?

I hope I approach new adventures with anticipation. In some ways I think I do. I almost always pack for a vacation several days in advance. Still, I could take a few more cues from my daughter and try to view time away with friends or family as something very exciting--something worth talking about well in advance. The anticipation Amber has had over this Friday's sleepover has brought cheer to the house, to the dinner table, to our conversations.

Well, I better go dig out the pink suitcase.

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