Tuesday, March 2, 2010

One flower plus a hike in the woods equals a lot of medical bills

It's been crazy here at the Hodge Lodge lately. One thing after another keeps happening. At the beginning of February we took Autumn to the doctor because she was complaining of bad pain in her leg. A series of x-rays showed no signs of disease. Chalk it up to "growing pains." We no sooner received the bill for that trip to the doctor, and then--well--you'll have to read it to believe it...
Feb. 8: The Calla Lily & the E.R.

Young Life ended early on February 8, and Eric remembered that we had been invited to a friend's birthday party. They said we could arrive late, after Young Life. And so, with 35 minutes before our babysitter expected us home, we made an appearance at the party. The festivities were in the backyard and it was dark. Eric's friend said, "There's no cake left, but here, you can have this," and handed him a flower garnish off the cake. It was covered in icing and Eric thought it was some sort of cream cheese lettuce wrap. He ate the whole thing. As soon as he swallowed it, he said it felt like 1000 bees were stinging the inside of his mouth. His throat started closing up, too. We fetched another garnish from the cake tray and discovered that he had eaten a calla lily, After a quick google search, it was determined that the calla lily flower is poisonous. Eric popped some benadryl in his mouth and I wished him off to the hospital, thankfully five minutes away. However, once we were in the emergency room, we had to wait another 35 minutes before being seen. The only other person in front of us had a shoulder injury and he said we could go in before him. Still, we had to wait. Eric said to me, "I need some water," and--through a telephone--I told that to the receptionist behind the impersonal glass wall. She snipped at me, "He shouldn't have anything until he sees the doctor." I said, "And when is he going to see a doctor." She assured me that we were next in line and I said, "Does the words 'his throat is closing up' mean anything to you?" Yeah, I was more than irritated and Eric told me later that he appreciated that I went to such lengths to try to get him seen right away. In the end, the benadryl that he took at the party and a novocain cocktail relieved the pain and by the next morning he was feeling much better. We have insurance, but a high deductible. I can't wait to see the hospital bill!

Feb. 25: I think it's getting bigger!

Mid-February Eric discovered a big bump on his back (a glorified zit) and we kept an eye on it. It kept getting bigger and became hard as a rock. A visit to Dr. H confirmed Eric's suspicions--he had a staff infection. The doc had to lance it to remove all the.... Anyway, Eric was given a prescription for antibiotics and was sent on his merry way.

March 2: Casualty of being a hunter-gatherer

Eric wasn't even finished with his first round of antibiotics when he had to go back to Dr. H for another prescription. Only this time it was for an entirely new problem. On Sunday, after Eric went mushroom hunting, I pulled a tic out of his arm. I got the whole tic, but--of course--it had already done damage. Today Eric went back to the doc and was told he has an infection (not lime disease, don't worry). While he was there, Dr. H told him that the lab results on his back zit showed no signs of foul play. That's good news.

So tonight Eric is taking two different antibiotics and resting peacefully in bed. And we are all praying for a normal day for him tomorrow and the next and then next. We are also thankful for a tax return that will arrive hopefully before all of the medical bills.


Michele said...

Wow! What a month, praying for a quiet week for you (if not month!). :-)

frisky said...

Poor guy!
Poor pocketbook!