Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Canine Hero

I saved another dog today. I can't count how many dogs I've rescued in Ojai over the years, bringing them into my house (despite the fact that I am highly allergic), calling their owners and keeping them safe until the owners come and get them. (They can't stay in our back yard because we don't have a gate.) I've rescued little dogs and big dogs. I've pulled over on the side of the road and let dogs hop into my car so I could deliver them safely back home. I've even corralled a dog at church (the same dog several times) and kept him safe until his nearby owner came. Dogs just like me. They are attracted to me and I think it's ironic because I can't even as much as touch them before I start sneezing. Still, I feel compelled to be their hero. Most of the time, though, their owners aren't very appreciative of my help. Like today when I called the owner of Fido, she said she knew that he escaped earlier today but she didn't have the energy to chase him down. I couldn't believe it! Once, I kept a dog at my house all day--ALL DAY. He tore to shreds my Tupperware bowl that I used to give him water and he kicked a board loose in the fence outside. I should have let him go--he was a maniac. And when the day was over and his owner came to get him, I did not even get a "thank you." Can you believe it? Oh well, I will still continue to help wandering canines. My daughters like it because they temporarily get to have a pet. So, if you have a dog in the Ojai Valley and it goes missing, give me a call; there's a good chance he's hanging out at my house playing with my girls!


Michele said...

I am shocked that people are not only so ungrateful but so irresponsible! Good grief. Hats off to you for being so kind though, your girls will always remember that.

Christine H. said...

Yeah, I couldn't believe it when she said that. Yikes! Hey, I'm blogging more lately. I just posted a good one. A neat story.