Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog?

That is the question.

I'm thinking of quitting the blog thing. And if I do quit, it will be cold turkey. None of this blog posting once every three months or whatever. I won't erase my blog, but I might just stop posting stories & pictures.

The reason I am thinking of this is that out of my last 7 blog entries I have received zero comments. I'm not complaining, I'm just wondering if it's worth it--writing stories & posting pics if people aren't even checking in anymore. I do know three people who read my blog and don't comment, but two of those people live in Ojai and I see them every Sunday, so it's not like they don't know what I'm up to. The other person is my mom, and I talk to her at least once a week on the phone.

The only downside of not blogging is that this has become like a journal. I rarely write in my journal anymore because I post things on here. And, I do love writing things for other people to read, but once again, if people aren't reading...

I blame Facebook. Oh yes I do. It's just like every other technological advance; something else suffers. Before email came along, I actually corresponded with friends the good old-fashioned way--snail mail. I am still sad that people email instead of writing letters or cards. Some people even send Christmas cards by email. Oh just shoot me if I ever succumb to that! Anyway, after email there was blogging and then came Facebook (maybe not in that order). Once Facebook really took off, people started posting less on their blogs and people started reading less and commenting less on other blogs. Sometimes I wish I'd never joined the Facebook world. Even if I didn't though, the inevitable would happen.

Gosh, I sound like the world's going to end, don't I? It's not that bad, of course, but it is sad to see the blogging craze die down. Hey, maybe that's why it did. Maybe it was just a passing craze.

Anyway, for those of you who are still reading this and can take a few moments to comment, what do you think?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Husband of the Year

Sunday night Eric slept in the living room. It's not what you think...

Early Sunday morning I woke up with a horrible headache and took
some headache medicine on an empty stomach (yeah, bad idea, but I was in too much pain to think straight.) Anyway, I had a bad reaction to the medicine--and it didn't even work on my headache--so I was in bed all day Sunday, trying to fall asleep so I wouldn't feel the pain. Long story short, after hours of being awake--watching Netflix on Eric's laptop, writing in my notebook, just lying there--I finally was asleep at 8:30 p.m.

The next morning I awoke and the headache was gone, but so was something else. I looked over to find the other half of the bed empty. Later, Eric told me that he slept all night in the living room by the fireplace. He said he was cold. He only had two little dinky blankets to cover up with. I asked why he didn't get the thicker, bigger blankets and he said they were in our room. I said that he could have come in and gotten them because I wasn't using them. He said, "You had finally fallen asleep after trying all day. I did not want to wake you by coming in the room."

Not only did he take care of me all day Sunday, but my sweet husband froze his toes for me. He definitely gets the "Husband of the Year" award.