Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Week in the Life of a Young Life Volunteer

Wow! It has been a crazy Young Life week for me! Some weeks are quiet, while others are bursting with teen activity. Here's a synopsis of what my week was like:

Sunday, October 11: Young Life Banquet-- a fund raising dinner that I and several other teens waited tables at. We all had a great time serving and laughing together.

Monday, October 12: Young Life Club (every other week outreach event), where I led songs and met several new students. We had great conversations while driving the students home after Club.

Tuesday, October 13: I stood up a Young Life teen. Yep, I forgot that I was going to take her out to lunch for her birthday and I literally left her standing in the rain.

Wednesday, October 14: (Noon) The teen forgave me and gave me a second chance. I picked her up in the rain, and we went out to a new Italian restaurant to celebrate.

Wednesday, October 14 (3:30 p.m.): I took another Young Life teen out to coffee for her birthday where we had a great conversation and I was blessed to see how this young lady is serving God with all of her heart.

Monday, October 19: Young Life Campaigners (ever other week Bible Study for teen leaders) was at our home. Three new people came. I led the Bible Study out of John 2:12-16, talking about Jesus' compassion for the oppressed and those being taken advantage of. We had a great discussion. Then the girls made jewelry while the guys went on a night-time beach swim. Brrrrr.

So that is what has been going on with Young Life in the Ojai Valley. We continue to see more and more new students showing up at both Club & Campaigners. We are growing. And more students are being introduced to Jesus. It's awesome!

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