Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The novelty has worn off

Last week I emerged from my bedroom to find that breakfast had already been made--by Amber Shea! It was just cereal, but she put the milk in, too, and didn't spill anything as she carried each bowl from the counter to the table. She said, "Mommy, I made breakfast for you. I can make breakfast from now on so you don't have to."

She went on to say, "Can I make dinner tonight?" Well of course! And she made PB&Js that night. She made Southwest Salad the next night (with lettuce, black beans, corn & tortilla chips). It was delicious! Really.

Monday she made breakfast again--Cheerios with bananas she sliced and added. Yummy. This morning she made breakfast again. It was only jelly on bread, but it was breakfast, and it was on the table by the time I was dressed. She didn't know how to use the toaster oven, but I'll be showing her that next.

So last week she said she wanted to make dinner for us again this week. I suggested burritos and the plan was for her to make them tonight. At 5:00 this evening I said, "Amber, you should start making dinner now." She was really into whatever she was playing with and replied, "Can you make it?" I said, "But you wanted to make dinner tonight." She said, "How about I tell you what I want in the burritos. I want beans, corn and shredded cheddar cheese. You can make them, mom, but at least I told you the ingredients."

After recovering from my laughter, I convinced her to follow through with her dinner plans. I set out all of the ingredients for her and stepped aside. Amber laid out the tortillas and filled each one so fast I thought the beans were going to fly. The cheese actually did end up in more places than the tortillas. She barely rolled up each burrito before she was back to the living room and her play time. I had to call her back to the kitchen to clean up her mess and put away the step stool.

The burritos were delicious. But I think the cooking novelty has worn off. For now. It will return. I'll make sure of that. I was really enjoying my time away from the kitchen.


Rebecca said...

YAY, Amber!! I'm a big fan of not making breakfast. :)

frisky said...

I'm hoping one of my four will aspire to be a chef... and that one can live with us FOREVER.