Saturday, August 22, 2009

Funny Story from Guest Blogger, Eric Hodge

My husband, Eric, wrote this after his recent boat trip to Cortez Bank--an off-shore sea mount 120 miles off the Southern California coast.


Okay Guys,I have a confession to make,I really don't take James out on the boat because he is a nice guy or a good friend or even a good diver, It is really because of the FOOD!

As many of you know, James is a private chef and brings along some of the most amazing food, and I just happen to never bring enough out when we go out together. It all starts with the really good smoked turkey sandwiches with some high dollar sharp cheddar. I start giving them wayward glances, hoping that James will ask if I want some. When he finally asks, I make one that is way bigger than his normal sized one. Then out comes this chicken in some crazy herb stuff-- no more looks here, I just go straight to asking for some, thinking that after the huge sandwich I made, he might never offer me anything again. I know there was some other stuff that I can't even remember, but I do remember begging and groveling for some.

Then after a long day of diving he brakes out what I have been waiting all trip for: the cookie bars with chocolate chips, walnuts and sun-dried cherries! I then resort to the very lowest of of all forms of food gathering, I start to sneak and steal, waiting until he is totally exhausted and sleeping in the cabin before I start on the cookie bars. I then realize that the bars are almost gone. He wakes up, goes to the cookie container and opens it with a gasp. I look away with a "What? Me?" kind of look. Like there was anyone else 120 miles out in the ocean that is going to take the cookies.

After all this, I think James knows my plan anyway. I guess it just comes down to the fact that I have the boat and he has the amazing food. We both need each other.

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Rebecca said...

LOL!! I can totally picture you looking away like a guilty puppy. And now I want blondies.