Friday, August 14, 2009

Amber's first day of school

Amber is officially a first-grader! Yesterday Amber told me that she wanted to start school today. I wasn't going to officially start until August 25, the day Autumn returns to preschool, but since Amber was so enthusiastic, I decided to go for it. She really wanted to do math, her favorite subject, so I got out some fun addition flash cards. She already knows a lot of the answers, but it was an easy way to ease back into things on such short notice. Then I started teaching her how to tell time, which was going to be the first thing I did with her this school. year. She had a fun time with the clock. While Amber was in school, Autumn looked at alphabet flash cards and played with Legos. It was a fun and stress-free first day of school.


hestermom said...

Looks like so much fun!! Glad you're enjoying it! We got Emma a watch from Target, and although I didn't know it, it has (in TEENY TINY numbers) the 5-10-15 min. as well as the normal numbers on the clock face. I kind of considered it cheating, but with a little help from hubby decided that it was really good practice. It has worked out great!! Just FYI. =)

Christine H. said...

Yeah, I thought we would buy her a watch when she learns to tell time, as a reward.

Rebecca said...

So cool to have kids who love learning!! Have lots of fun this year. :)