Thursday, July 9, 2009

Rainbow Fish

Amber got a beta fish yesterday at a birthday party. I didn't know a girl could have so much fun with a fish. She named it "Rainbow Hodge," but she is still trying to come up with a proper middle name.

She has had so much fun with that fish in the two short days she has had him (or her). Last night she spent an hour just watching him and "playing" with him. She said, "Mom, I'm going to tease him. I'm going to put my finger up to the bowl and then take it away. That's okay to tease a fish, mom. Don't worry, I wouldn't tease a person, though."

Today it got even cuter when Amber asked me to babysit her fish while she went out back to play. She said, "If you hear a 'bubble, bubble, bubble,' then that means he's crying and could you sing him a lullaby."

Later, as I was in the kitchen baking, Amber gave me a "play-by-play" of what Rainbow was doing. "He opened his mouth really wide, mom." "Oh, he's swimming to the bottom, mom." "Oh, I think he's tired, mom." "He likes me playing with him, mom." And my favorite: "Mom, my fish kissed me. Not out of the water. I put my lips to the bowl to give him as kiss and he came over and kissed where my lips were!"

Amber has even read a book to Rainbow! Just think if we had a dog...

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