Monday, June 22, 2009

Thank You, Kind Sir!

I had to return something to Target today and decided the girls could spend $3 each out of their piggy banks. They had a fun time looking at the toys and deciding which one they wanted to buy on their limited budget. I got a few groceries and we headed for the check-out lanes. So far it was a really nice, stress-free trip to the mega-store. However, my temperature always rises when I get to the cashier. There's usually someone behind me who is in a rush and that makes me nervous because I have to juggle putting the goods on the conveyor belt, answering my kids nagging questions, giving the cashier my reusable bags and making sure the kiddos don't wander away. Today my stress lever rose even higher because I knew my girls would want to purchase their toys with their own money they brought in their wallets. I like to let them do this because it teaches them about saving and spending and tax, etc. A gentleman got in line behind us and I said to him--in a worn-out voice, "Sir, you may want to get in another line because we are going to be here awhile. We are making three separate purchases." He smiled at me and said, "I'm not in a hurry. Take your time." Then he proceeded to open up the folding beach chair he was going to purchase and plopped it down on the floor and asked Autumn if she wanted to sit in the chair and rest while she waited. I was extremely grateful--not only for his patience, but for his sense of humor and light-heartedness. I don't even know if I properly thanked him for his kindness because at that moment all of the quarters that Amber put in her wallet spilled out into the bottom of my big purse as I was trying to hand her her wallet. Yeah, it was crazy, but I was so thankful that God put the right person behind me in line.


frisky said...

You guys should take a field trip to the bank first, show the girls how they can magically turn coin into cash and I bet that would make the stress level go WAAAAYYYYY down at Target. Just a thought.

Christine H. said...

You sound like my sister...actually, the money is not what stresses me out...the Target cashiers are very friendly and sweet when it comes to the girls using quarters to pay for their stuff. It's the people behind me in a hurry that stresses me out.

hestermom said...

I haven't seen that man at Target yet, but I hope to.... =)