Friday, June 26, 2009

The Queen Who Cleans

The Queen Who Cleans Toilets and Other Things

I'm watching my friend's two girls today as a part of a babysitting swap, and they decided to role-play "castle" characters all afternoon. Taylor decided she wanted to be the servant. Alex & Amber & Autumn are the princesses. I am the Queen. Taylor has been serving us tea for hours. Alex & Amber have been doing each other's hair in the Beauty Parlour. Autumn has been taking her Royal Nap. What has the Queen been doing? Laundry, with small breaks for tea and hair styling. Dishes, with another break for more tea. And cleaning the bathrooms. While I was bent over the toilet, cleaning, Taylor brought in another cup of tea for the Queen and set it by the sink. I told her I would have my tea as soon as I washed my royal hands. I'm pretty sure I'm the only Queen who cleans her own bathrooms and does her own laundry. But with a servant bringing me tea, breaking up the dull-drum of cleaning, it has made the chores seem to go by much faster. And when one of the princesses spilled her royal water all over the tile floor, Taylor refused to let the Queen clean it up and grabbed a towel and sopped up the water. Being a Queen on cleaning day is working out quite nicely!

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Lea said...

Too cute! Our girls may be princesses but we will always reign as Queen! ;)