Thursday, June 25, 2009

Creative Crafting

I really enjoy making crafts with my girls. What I do not enjoy is how impatient they get as I set up the craft table with all the supplies. Then I am spent before we even start making the craft. So about a year ago I had the brilliant idea to set up the craft table ahead of time while they are out of sight and then surprise them with "craft time." This has worked wonderfully.

Yesterday my good friend, Lea, gave me four cardboard shoeboxes and I was so excited. She also gave me the shoes that were inside them, but I think I was more thrilled with the boxes! Oh the possibilities! (I may have a shoebox fetish.) Today I had another one of those "light bulbs" appear over my head. I am planning to make a lot of crafts with my girls over the summer, and so I decided that I am going to fill each shoebox with the supplies needed for each craft. For example, string and beads and scissors and wire and clasps will all go into one box to make necklaces. Stamps and ink pads and cut paper and glue sticks will go into another box for card-making. Within minutes I will have four "craft kits" ready to go for those days when the girls say, "Mom, can we do a craft?" Well, I'm going to go fill some boxes!

Last summer: My girls (plus 3) displaying their purses made with Kleenix boxes and ribbon, and their journals covered with paper placemats.

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