Friday, June 26, 2009

The Queen Who Cleans

The Queen Who Cleans Toilets and Other Things

I'm watching my friend's two girls today as a part of a babysitting swap, and they decided to role-play "castle" characters all afternoon. Taylor decided she wanted to be the servant. Alex & Amber & Autumn are the princesses. I am the Queen. Taylor has been serving us tea for hours. Alex & Amber have been doing each other's hair in the Beauty Parlour. Autumn has been taking her Royal Nap. What has the Queen been doing? Laundry, with small breaks for tea and hair styling. Dishes, with another break for more tea. And cleaning the bathrooms. While I was bent over the toilet, cleaning, Taylor brought in another cup of tea for the Queen and set it by the sink. I told her I would have my tea as soon as I washed my royal hands. I'm pretty sure I'm the only Queen who cleans her own bathrooms and does her own laundry. But with a servant bringing me tea, breaking up the dull-drum of cleaning, it has made the chores seem to go by much faster. And when one of the princesses spilled her royal water all over the tile floor, Taylor refused to let the Queen clean it up and grabbed a towel and sopped up the water. Being a Queen on cleaning day is working out quite nicely!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Creative Crafting

I really enjoy making crafts with my girls. What I do not enjoy is how impatient they get as I set up the craft table with all the supplies. Then I am spent before we even start making the craft. So about a year ago I had the brilliant idea to set up the craft table ahead of time while they are out of sight and then surprise them with "craft time." This has worked wonderfully.

Yesterday my good friend, Lea, gave me four cardboard shoeboxes and I was so excited. She also gave me the shoes that were inside them, but I think I was more thrilled with the boxes! Oh the possibilities! (I may have a shoebox fetish.) Today I had another one of those "light bulbs" appear over my head. I am planning to make a lot of crafts with my girls over the summer, and so I decided that I am going to fill each shoebox with the supplies needed for each craft. For example, string and beads and scissors and wire and clasps will all go into one box to make necklaces. Stamps and ink pads and cut paper and glue sticks will go into another box for card-making. Within minutes I will have four "craft kits" ready to go for those days when the girls say, "Mom, can we do a craft?" Well, I'm going to go fill some boxes!

Last summer: My girls (plus 3) displaying their purses made with Kleenix boxes and ribbon, and their journals covered with paper placemats.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Thank You, Kind Sir!

I had to return something to Target today and decided the girls could spend $3 each out of their piggy banks. They had a fun time looking at the toys and deciding which one they wanted to buy on their limited budget. I got a few groceries and we headed for the check-out lanes. So far it was a really nice, stress-free trip to the mega-store. However, my temperature always rises when I get to the cashier. There's usually someone behind me who is in a rush and that makes me nervous because I have to juggle putting the goods on the conveyor belt, answering my kids nagging questions, giving the cashier my reusable bags and making sure the kiddos don't wander away. Today my stress lever rose even higher because I knew my girls would want to purchase their toys with their own money they brought in their wallets. I like to let them do this because it teaches them about saving and spending and tax, etc. A gentleman got in line behind us and I said to him--in a worn-out voice, "Sir, you may want to get in another line because we are going to be here awhile. We are making three separate purchases." He smiled at me and said, "I'm not in a hurry. Take your time." Then he proceeded to open up the folding beach chair he was going to purchase and plopped it down on the floor and asked Autumn if she wanted to sit in the chair and rest while she waited. I was extremely grateful--not only for his patience, but for his sense of humor and light-heartedness. I don't even know if I properly thanked him for his kindness because at that moment all of the quarters that Amber put in her wallet spilled out into the bottom of my big purse as I was trying to hand her her wallet. Yeah, it was crazy, but I was so thankful that God put the right person behind me in line.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Rainy Day in June

It rained today. Autumn loved it. She ran outside and twirled around and around in the droplets. Amber went outside, too, but she acted like it was too cold. Who would've thought it would rain mid-June. I love it, though!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

To make you smile

I saw some funny quotes on scrapbook stickers yesterday. I had to share some of the funny ones, just to bring a smile to your day. The first one is my favorite. Enjoy! (BTW, they're not copyrighted, so I can do this. That's for the lawyers out there!)

I hate housework. You make the beds, wash the dishes and 6 months later you have to do it all over again. (Joan Rivers)

(the rest are anonymous)

I only have a kitchen because it came with the house.

"Normal" is just a setting on the dryer.

Dull women have immaculate houses.

I child-proofed the house, but they're still getting in.

Cooking by appointment only.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

School's Out for Amber!

Today was the last day of homeschooling for Amber. Next week Autumn will finish preschool and then we will officially start the summer here at the Hodge Lodge--a summer of mostly relaxation. Yay!
There were so many cute things Amber did and said during the last school year, but I will share two funny things that I wrote down...
Back in March, Amber was doing her vocabulary word hunt through the house. I write the words on index cards and then hide them all over the living room. When she finds a word, she has to say it and then say the word in a sentence. I got the idea from another homeschool mom, Lisa. Sometimes Amber finds two words and tries to use them in the same sentence. This particular day, she found four words right in a row, and saved them to use in one sentence (Jim, dig, fib, wig). Her sentence turned out to be more of a short poem. Here's what she came up with on her own:

Jim is a pirate
He likes to dig
He told a fib
while he stole a wig.

A few weeks ago, I was giving Amber a spelling test (which is her favorite thing to do at school). I say the word, sound it out and say it in a sentence. The word was "win" and my sentence was "I am going to win the race." Amber said, "Mom, I have a question...How does someone know they are going to win a race?" Ha ha, she got me there. I guess I am just a little bit optimistic--and competitive. Nothing gets by Amber.

I hope as the school year winds down, you and your family will have a fun and relaxing summer. After all, isn't that what summer break is for?

Working in her workbook

Taking her last test

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

13 Years!

We went out to dinner for our 13th anniversary tonight. When we told our waitress we've been married 13 years, she said, "Did you get married at age 10? You look so young!" Then on our way out, the hostess said to Eric, "You sure robbed the cradle when you got married." Since I'm 6 yrs older than Eric, I was pretty jazzed! So, of course, Suzanne's Cuisine is now our favorite restaurant! : )
Also, when we were sharing a martini, waiting for our dinner, a lady at the next table smiled at me. I smiled back. Then she came over and gave us a twenty dollar bill and said, "Your drink is on me. I think you two are so sweet and I'm living vicariously through you. Happy anniversary." Wow--that was so sweet! It was a wonderful anniversary!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Now that's something you don't see every day!

It's laundry day. I just pulled out the lint screen to empty it, and among the lint was a dead, black cricket! And it was all intact, no missing limbs! Of course it was clean, too, and all ready for a proper burial in the trash can.