Thursday, May 28, 2009


Okay, some of you won't get this, so I have to set it up...When Eric spears a fish, he BLEEDS the fish in the ocean and then brings it on deck. Amber has seen him do this dozens of times.

So a few days ago Amber made fishing poles for us from straws and yarn--all her idea. We were on the couch (the boat) pretending to fish in the carpet (the ocean) and she caught a fish. She brought it up to the couch and said, "Now I'm going to bleach the fish," and proceeded to pretend to cut open her catch. I laughed and laughed.


Rebecca said...

You might have a bit of a tomboy there! :)

Christine H. said...

A Tomboy Princess, or a Princess Tomboy. Either way, she is definitely "adventure in a dress!"