Sunday, April 26, 2009

Room Re-do on a Budget

This happened last month, but I still want to write about it...Several weeks ago a friend called and said she had two twin bed-in-a-bag sets with big bright daisies on them, almost brand new. She wanted to know if I wanted them for the girls. That started a room redecorating project that was fun-- and economical, too. We decided to redecorate the girls room, which has had the same Raggedy Ann & Andy/Rag Doll theme for almost seven years. (Does anyone want any rag dolls/decorations?) We decided the new theme for their room would be flowers and butterflies, in dark pink and orange colors. Since I am not an artist, we went to Target and bought decals for the walls and chest of drawers. The rest of the items were purchased at a thrift store and garage sales. I just happened to have a bag of wooden drawer knobs that I had bought years ago for some reason. I painted them dark pink. I also painted the swamp cooler box bright pink with turquoise trim. It used to be red and navy blue. The whole project, including the paint, cost $69, and we completed the room in one weekend! I didn't think about taking "Before" pictures until I was well into the project, but here are some pictures I did take. The girls love their new room!

The swamp cooler box "Before" -- red & blue.

The box "During."

The box "After" -- Amber decorated it with decals.

The chest of drawers "Before."

The drawers "After."

The wall "Before" -- after I took down the paintings.

The wall "After" -- gotta love those decals!

Closer look at the wall.

The valances and shade-- with decals.

Another view of the room -- Amber pained that rainbow a few years ago.

The finished project -- Amber's side of the room.

Autumn's side of the room!


hestermom said...

Looks great!! You did an awesome job!

Rebecca said...

So pretty and spring-ish! Great price tag, too. You can't beat that.