Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Here's a picture "slide show" of what we've been up to lately. But you have to scroll down. (It's a manual slide show.)

St. Patrick's day, complete with green eggs and ham for breakfast!

I made these two purses in a craft class at church. I painted the fabric with dye, created the design, "trapped the fibers" by sewing them to a piece of mesh and glued the design on the purse. Yeah, I don't even understand it myself!

It was the first time I had used a sewing machine since that one day in home economics in junior high. (I dropped out of the class back then.)

We took care of Taylor & Alex for 3 days. It was girl-mania! Add on the four neighbor girls who came over occasionally, and Eric was definitely out-numbered!

We went to Farmer & The Cook's CSA spring picnic and we got to plant potatoes. Being a big-city girl, I was so tickled to plant my own row of potatoes!

Homeschool field trip to the Alpaca Ranch. We never made it there because we got lost. Where the heck is Bradley Road in Somis? I drove for an hour out in the middle of nowhere before giving up.

"Take Your Daughter to Work Day." Amber had a great time helping daddy and seeing what he does for a few hours.

Autumn is now letting me put her hair in pigtails and barrettes. I have Harley Frazee to thank for this! Yay!

Amber cooking at the stove for the first time. She made chicken pot pie from scratch, with a little help from mommy!

3-day Scrapbook Weekend. Yes, I have that much in scrapbook supplies. I know I'm in trouble if I ever have 3 suitcases full!

Two of my favorite things: coffee & scrapbooking! It was a much-needed weekend away!

Gourmet Group was at our home this month. We served lobster. Yummy!

Today Amber got to read her third book, the short i book, 30 pages. She is so excited each time she gets a new book to read!


hestermom said...

Looks like so much fun at the Hodge Lodge!! The girls are getting so big!! I am so glad that Amber is enjoying her school work and doing so well!!

ATSmith said...

what a rich, rich life!

frisky said...

I almost got a cramp in my finger from having to manually do that "slide show." Sheesh!
Way cute pics! I love the "Take Your Daughter to Work Day." How fun!

heidibelle said...

I am so sad to miss scrapbooking. It was so nostalgic to see you there in the photos... and I am so glad that Harley had a positive influence on Autumn. :) That is great!