Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter at the Hodge Lodge

Happy Easter! We had a fun day here at the Hodge Lodge celebrating Jesus' resurrection. Here's a picture of the girls in their Easter dresses that Eric's mom made (Amber helped make her dress during her sewing lessons--see the blog post below). At 12:00, we had the 2nd Annual Hodge Lodge Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt. I filled 101 eggs with stickers, tatoos, jewelry, hair stuff, erasers and money (no candy). Two years ago my girls hunted for the egg themselves. What wew we thinking--50 eggs per child is way too much! Last year we invited Madi from across the street and they each got over 30 eggs. This year we invited all the neighborhood girls and three of them were able to come--so the five girls got to find 20 eggs each. Our backyard is perfect for an easter egg hunt. The places to hide eggs are endless! I had so much fun hiding them, the girls had a blast finding them and I--of course--took lots of pictures! They had so much fun that we decided to make this an annual tradition for the neighborbhood. Enjoy the pictures!

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Rebecca said...

Very cool idea. And cute pictures too!