Sunday, April 12, 2009

Amber's Easter Dress

Amber helped make her Easter dress this year. She didn't use the sewing machine, but she helped cut out the pattern and pin it together (I have no idea of what of kinds of sewing terms I should be using!) Anyway, Nana Hodge took it home and finished it. The fabric is from Taiwan, brought back more than 20 years ago when Nana Hodge's sister was a missionary there. Nana Hodge also whipped up an Easter dress for Autumn from fabric she had leftover from a wedding reception she hosted 15 years ago! She's an amazing seamstress!

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Rebecca said...

That's so awesome that she's around and happy to involve Amber like that! She'll be able to tell her kids one day that her Nana taught her how to make Easter dresses. :)