Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Tree Named "Laughter"

This morning I helped Ojai Trees plant a Fuji apple tree in our back yard in memory of my brother Steve, who passed away last February 2008. My daughters got to help plant the tree, also, along with the Gonzalez girls who are staying with us for the weekend. It was fun digging the hole and filling it with new life. Two students from Brooks Institute of Photography heard about the memorial tree planting and were here to take pictures for their school project. That was cool.

Last month, when the year anniversary of my brother's death was approaching, my friends Lea and Keri asked me if I was going to anything in his memory. I had wanted to plant a tree in a park in Ojai, but decided a fruit tree in the back yard would even be better. In a few years we'll be able to eat apples and remember Steve with every bite.

After the tree was in the ground, we had a tree-naming ceremony and I named the "Laughter" because Steve loved to laugh and his laugh was infectious.
Breaking ground

The tree-naming ceremony

The family

The tree named "Laughter"

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