Wednesday, March 18, 2009

One Tough Girl

This afternoon Amber fell more than 8 feet in our back yard. Before I go on, she is fine and on the couch right now watching Blue's Clues because I made her rest. She'd rather be twirling around the living room with her sister, though, as she insists she is fine.

Around 4:00 today we were in the backyard playing. It's hard to describe if you have never been in our back yard, but it's quite a jungle out there--literally. The people who owned the house before us, made the back yard twist and turn with rock pathways and trees and thick foliage and ivy. At the very back against the side fence is a "stairway" that leads to a ledge against the back fence. In the middle is a "cliff" that overhangs. When Eric and I first bought the house, we used to sit up there and watch the sunset. I told Amber this today and she brought three chairs up there so we could sit and play. Amber and Autumn were already sitting there and I was down below on the pathway, making my way to the "stairs" when I heard this ear-piercing scream and caught Amber's fall out of the corner of my eye. The chair gave way (it was probably on loose ground) and came tumbling down with Amber right behind. She fell on her left side and by God's grace she did not hit her head and did not break her arm. It also was by God's grace that she did not hit one of the many rocks in the back yard and she fell on top of the ivy. She hit the ground hard, though, because she had an ivy stain that went through her double-layer dress and tattooed her skin.

Amber was wailing, and I carried her to the nearby bench and had to focus my attention on Autumn, who was still sitting on a chair on the overhang. I had to get Autumn down so I wouldn't have two accidents on my hands. I called our firefighter friend, Sean, and then Dr. H, and it was determined that Amber would be okay and did not need to go to the ER. She will need ibuprofen, though, and some rest, although she was up and wanting to play foose ball with her sister 10 minutes after she fell. Her ivy tattoo washed off in the bath and was replaced by a nice-sized bruise.

How is mom? I am fine, but I took the chairs down. I am also very grateful to God that Amber did not get seriously injured.


hestermom said...

Oh Christine, those things are so scary! I am rejoicing with you that your sweet girl is okay, and that Momma is okay too.

Michele said...

I have been on edge ever since Jonathan started walking, every day is an adventure! I have found that as a mom, your prayer life is front and center! So glad everyone is ok. ((Hug))

Rebecca said...

Ugh! I hate that feeling when you know it's happening and you can't quite stop it in time! Poor baby. I hope she's not too sore!

ATSmith said...

Wow! That is crazy!!