Sunday, March 1, 2009


I have "good ears." I can hear really well and I am sensitive to faint noises, sounds that Eric doesn't even hear. February was a crazy month with a few unexpected changes. Last night as I lay awake in bed listening to the noises, I came up with this list of sounds that we (or sometimes just I) hear every day...

* Three weeks ago our fridge died, so our sweet neighbor gave us her spare fridge. I'll have to blog about that, it's a funny story. Anyway, when it runs, it makes this noise that sounds like a ship from outer space. Even Eric can hear it. It sounds like aliens are landing in our kitchen.

* Two weeks ago we switched out our defective Arrowhead water cooler for one that worked and also upgraded to an energy efficient model. When it runs, it makes a lot more noise than the old model. Eric can not tell the difference.

* Three days ago our heater started making a noise at the end of it's running cycle. When it stops, it makes a squeaky noise like a creaky door that needs oiling. The heater is right outside our bedroom door!

* The ceiling fans in the bedrooms make a clickety-click noise. It's been like that since Eric and his dad installed them last year. And yes, we have had to use the ceiling fans already this year!

* Lately, I've been hearing voices in my head, too. Just kidding!
* In the spin cycle, our washer sounds like an airplane taking off. It's always sounded like that!

* We have a family of owls living in the tree outside our bedroom and they hoot all night long.

I don't like obscure noises, especially faint ones. Help! (No, I'm fine really, I think!)


ATSmith said...

Cool blog ... The Things We Hear. Things that come to me this morning ...
**Baaaaing Goat
**Snoring (through a wall!) Ha!
**Occassional drip, drip from the skylight

: )

Christine H. said...

Oh, I think the dripping noise would put me over the edge! : )