Sunday, February 8, 2009

Six BRAND NEW random things about me, because I was tagged!

Okay, so my friend Lisa Hester tagged me and I am supposed to come up with six ransom things about me. I already did this last year on my blog and just did 25 random things about me on Facebook, but I am up to the challenge to find six new things that I have not published before. Here goes:

1.) I could eat a quesadilla almost every day for lunch and never get tired of them. I eat them about 4 days a week, but I cook them in the toaster oven and not on the stove top to cut down on the fat. I normally eat them plain, but sometimes with ketchup or guacamole or salsa if I have them in the fridge.
2.) Which leads me to my second random thing: When I was very little my brothers used to put hot sauce on their quesadillas (we called them "cheese crisps" in Phoenix) and I wanted to be like them so I would put ketchup on mine because the hot sauce was too hot. I still enjoy ketchup on my cheese crisps!
3.) When I was a kid, I used to dip my saltine crackers in water at eat them. I do not do that anymore, but recently I saw Autumn doing it. Hmmmm....
4.) Okay, a non-food related random thing: I was Princess Leia for Halloween three years in a row when I was about 8, 9, & 10 years old. My mom made the costume and I even had the hair buns on each side of my head.
5.) I wanted a family of seven, then 5 boys, then twin boys and two girls, then I decided two kids was just the right amount, but I still wanted boys (don't tell my girls). Now, I wouldn't have it any other way. (And to dissipate the comments I may receive on this one, NO WE ARE NOT GOING TO TRY FOR A BOY. WE ARE DONE!)
6.) Okay one more...hmmm: I have tattoo on my...just kidding. Geeze, I can't think of anything...Oh yes, I used to beg my brothers to let me play with their G.I. Joes (that was when G.I. Joes were the size of Barbie dolls) because my Barbies needed boyfriends and I couldn't afford to buy the new Ken doll. My brothers never even let me touch their G.I. Joes.

There you have it. I won't tag anyone this time.

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hestermom said...

SO glad you explained the ketchup. =)