Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Partners in Crime

These girls looked so innocent as babies.

What happened?

Our good friends from San Jose, the Frazees, are in town and we had them over for our traditional Ojai Pizza and deep conversation. The five children played so well together. In fact, there was not one squabble or even a little disagreement the entire night. With that being said, the two 3-year-olds, Autumn Brooke and Harley Joy, were awfully quiet in the bedroom and we knew that was not necessarily a good thing. This is what we saw when we investigated.

The girls had dumped all of the dirty clothes out of the clothes hamper, and then proceeded to take down every single hanger-full of clothes from the closet. Heidi and I had to sort out the clean clothes from the dirty ones and then put all of the clothes back on the hangers. We also noticed that some of the hangers suffered casualties.

All in all, it was such a fun evening, and we even got a good group photo.


Rebecca said...

AWWW!! They were so cute!! They still are, but now they're also trouble, apparently. :)

heidibelle said...

We had fun!!! :) Those girls are trouble... but in a fun mistevious way.