Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Life

Today is the year-anniversary of my brother Steve's death. As the date approached, I really wanted to do something special to remember him--not that I'd forget my brother. However, I wanted to do something to memorialize the wonderful man that he was. Steve loved the outdoors. We camped a lot as children and he carried on that tradition with his own family. So I decided I would plant a tree in his honor. I called Tom at Ojai Trees, a non-profit group of volunteers that works with neighborhoods to plant trees at a low cost, promoting healing of the environment. Because of my extremely black thumb, I was going to plant a tree in downtown Ojai. Tom convinced me that I could plant a fruit tree in our back yard and actually see it grow. We decided on a Beverly Hills apple tree and found a perfect location--the place where a frozen orange tree resided. Tom said the orange tree should have never been planted there in the first place and that an apple tree would flourish there with little effort on my part. He sold me! He also added, "Every time you eat an apple, you will remember your brother."

I wanted the tree to be planted on or near the year anniversary, but I waited too long to get the process started. The date for the tree planting is set for March 21. I actually won't be planting the tree. I will assist the experts--volunteers who transport the tree and stake it and plant it. The labor is free and the cost of the tree is only $75. I really like this organization, (

Meanwhile, we need to remove the orange tree and the morning glory that has taken over. Eric traded car repair with our gardener, and guess what day they decided to remove the orange tree--today--on the anniversary. I love how God's timing is always perfect. The tree couldn't be planted today, but the process began. I think that is so cool.

I am excited to have a remembrance of my brother and also to eat yummy apples in the future!

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Rebecca said...

What a great idea. I loved having apple trees at our last house. And how awesome that they come out and do it right!