Monday, February 16, 2009

Camping out in our own home!

A few days ago, our refrigerator started making some very loud noises. We suspected the worst--the compressor was going, going, gone. The fridge is at least 9 years old, probably older because it came with the house. It looks about 20 years old! Anyway, we prepared for the inevitable--buying a newer fridge. We decided we would look online for used ones. Meanwhile, I needed a place to put our food before it spoiled, so yesterday I called my neighbor--who is on vacation--on her cell and asked if we could put our food in her fridge while she is gone. She said she removed the hidden key (makes sense) for the week. No worries, I told her. Then she said if we could wait until Friday when she returns, we could have her extra fridge she has in the garage--for free! Wow! That is awesome, and we feel very blessed to not have to spend money so unexpectedly. So, I went to the store today and bought lots of ice. I moved the freezer items into the big freezer we have outside and then put the fridge items in two large ice chests. After dinner tonight, we had leftovers, so I had to get our smaller ice chest and put the leftovers on ice in there. I feel like I'm camping in my own house. Maybe I'll get the sleeping bags out and sleep in the living room--just kidding! Ooh, but we could make s'mores in the fireplace. I have the chocolate bars, I just need the...never mind, I'll just eat the chocolate!

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