Thursday, January 29, 2009

Stopping Time

Tonight we took our 3-year-old, Autumn, to a birthday party for her little friend. The tots were all dressed in princess clothes and they were twirling and dancing to Disney music. As I watched Autumn dance--her fluffy white dress billowing out as she spun around in circles--I was overwhelmed with a thought that has never really crossed my mind before with either of my girls: "I don't want her to get any older. I want her to stay 3 years old. I want her cuteness to stay...her playfulness to stay. She is just plain adorable right now and I don't want that to fade."

(I probably wouldn't have thought this last week because she was still in diapers and I definitely wanted that phase to be over.) Anyway, Autumn will get older and, like her big sister Amber, I will find more and more things to love about her. We will be able to do more things together and have more serious discussions and grow even closer as she gets older, but right now I want to freeze time. Aside from taking pictures and videos, and writing in my journal, all I can do is tuck away these memories and just enjoy living in the moment with my little princess.


Melanie said...

Oh I am feeling that with Lila and Abby. Although each stage is fun I really want to keep Lila my baby. But next Thursday I am taking Abby to my local scrapbook store to do a make n take craft as our special Mommy and Abby day. I can't wait till I can take both!

frisky said...

I feel caught in that weird place because I'm really enjoying the boys getting older 'cause I can joke around with them almost like regular people (that sounds funny doesn't it?) but then I look at the girls and, like you, I just want to hold onto this time and not let it go. They're so precious right now, I catch myself just staring for a long time, almost like my mind is trying to record their mannerisms and voices.
Sigh. I think I'll go stare right now.