Wednesday, January 28, 2009

love you

Last Friday, I started potty training Autumn and it has been going amazingly well. When I walked into the kitchen that morning, I saw a not Eric had left me saying that he loved me and was going to be praying for me. I really enjoy getting notes of any kind, and this one brought a big smile to me face.

After hours of countless trips to the bathroom with Autumn, it was "nap time." The girls were fed and in bed and I was sitting down to eat my lunch and read my Bible. Eric stopped by the house to make a sandwich and said, "You look tired. Why don't you go in the office and relax and check your email." He's never said that before. I shrugged it off and put my quesadilla on a plate and decided I would eat lunch in the office and then go have some quiet time.

I saw three messages from Eric in my email inbox. "love you" was written in the subject lines. Eric rarely sends me an email, so I was very excited. The first one said, "Just"
The second one said, "Just a"
The third one said, "Just a note to say I love you"

It was just the encouragement I needed to get through the rest of potty training day. My husband is awesome!

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hestermom said...

that is so very precious!