Thursday, January 22, 2009


I have two fun happenings to blog about: Amber's sewing lessons and Autumn's potty training...

For those of you who know me well--yes, you read correctly that Amber is learning how to sew. But I am not the one teaching her since I barely know how to thread a needle. I can not sew, not even a proper button on a shirt. Eric usually has to sew on his own buttons. Not only do I not know how to sew, I do not want to learn. Years ago my mother-in-law asked me if she could teach me to sew. I politely declined, informing her that my mother, who sewed all my clothes growing up, offered me sewing lessons and I also turned her down. I was too busy taking writing courses and going to writer's conferences to want to learn another skill. Now I am deep into scrapbooking and card-making, so I have no desire to add another hobby to my list.

That doesn't mean that I want to hold my children back from learning to sew, if they desire. So a few months ago when I watched my 5 1/2-year-old, Amber make an outfit for her doll out of paper, the wheels started turning. Amber laid her doll down on a large piece of paper, traced around the doll, cut out the shape and started gluing and taping to the doll. She made straps for the shoulders and sides and the finished product looked like a pair of overalls. It was so cute; I should have taken a picture. Back in September, when we were in Phoenix, Amber also was very interested in Nana Gow's sewing box, and enjoyed watching my mom repair some of her doll clothes. So I told Amber that she should ask Nana Hodge to give her sewing lessons. Nana was overjoyed. Last night when we talked about today's first lesson, Eric's dad said, "It's going to be very basic at first. Maybe you should sit in on the lesson." I thought, "No way. I know what you're trying to do!"

Today the first lesson took place at our house and in 30 minutes, Amber knew how to thread a needle and had sewn three buttons on a piece of fabric! Nana got a kick out of teasing me as she said to me, "You know how to thread a needle, don't you?" Ha ha! I almost found myself getting caught up in the learning, though and had to walk outside for some fresh air. After all, I only hung around to take pictures!

When the first lesson was over and she was leaving, Nana once again teased me by saying, "Now if you need a button sewn on something, you know who to ask." I could tell Nana and Papa were having way too much fun at my expense! : )

During Amber's sewing lesson, I called my friend Gina and said, "You'll never guess what my daughter is doing right now." Gina thought I was talking about our 3-year-old, Autumn, and said, "Sitting on the potty?" I told Gina that would be a miracle since Autumn has told us outright that she does not want to learn to use the potty. I had to call Gina back later to tell her that her guess became a reality. Autumn sat on the potty and went pee pee tonight!

It all started at about 7:30 when I read Autumn a book we brought home from the library, "Annie's Potty." It's the story of a little brunette who does not want to use the potty and how her little blond friend Samantha comes over to play and uses the potty. Autumn's best friend Stella (who is a blondie) is potty-trained and has used the potty chair at our house numerous times, but it never made any difference to Autumn. Tonight I changed the names in the book from Annie and Samantha to Autumn and Stella. After reading the story, we went into the bathroom and sat for 20 minutes reading books and then it happened--Autumn went pee pee in the potty chair! We did a dance of joy, she got a little prize and she called her friend Stella on speaker phone to tell her the good news. When Stella's daddy, Brian, said, "Good job, Autumn. We are so proud of you," my little 3-year-old just beamed. Then I showed her the new undies she gets to wear (I've shown them to her many times) and she was giddy.

So tomorrow we are going cold turkey. No diapers. I know the road ahead is going to be tough and messy, but at least we are finally in the right direction. Yay! (I could use all the prayers I can get, though.)

Whew! What a day!


frisky said...

Just keep her on the tile floors to save yourself a lot of grief!

hestermom said...

That is a monumental day!!! Good luck with the potty training... we've got that ahead of us with Noah too. But I'm just not quite ready yet. =)

heidibelle said...

Well I just got caught up on your last 6 or so blogs... What a great day for your girls. Life goes on and they grow up huh? Harley pooped in the potty tonight on her own!!! That was momentous for us. I still use pull ups when we are out... but at home we are in undies... it is good to see them making those steps... Tell Autumn Aunt Heidi is proud of her too!

Rebecca said...

Yay girlies!! :)