Friday, January 16, 2009

High and Lows

Every few nights at dinnertime, we go around the table and say our high for the day or week and our low. Last night this is what everyone said: (BTW, this is not about my headaches; it's about Autumn's funny answers.)

Eric's low: Seeing Christine have headaches all week.
Eric's high: Getting to go diving with his brother-in-law and nephew.

Christine's low: Having a 7-day headache.
Christine's high: Looking forward to a weekend away (tonight!)

Amber's low: Mommy having headaches.
Amber's high: Getting to play with McKayla.

Autumn's low: Mommy's headaches.
Autumn's high: Daddy getting a shower.

We all cracked up at Autumn's answer. Eric said, "Are you saying I was stinky earlier?"

Then this morning, before I got a shower, Autumn gave me a "good morning" hug and said, "Mommy you stink!"

Gosh, now we have "the smell police" in the Hodge Lodge.

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ATSmith said...

Your girls were so worried about you! So precious. I hope you ladies have a wonderful, headache-free weekend!