Saturday, January 10, 2009


I recently returned from the memorial service for my good friend, Kelly (Nordyke) Murphy. All day I dreaded going. Inside I was having an all-out battle. I did not want to go. I did not want to cry. I did not want to see Kelly's family hurt so much. I did not want to see the picture slide show that I knew would be a part of the ceremony. However, I knew that going to the memorial would be, in the end, a very good thing for me to do. I knew that it would be the beginning of the healing process for me. Memorials are good. They help. They are a necessary part of grief. So I went, obviously. Even though I did not want to grieve, I would not have missed the service for anything. And it was a good service, one that I am so glad I was able to attend. Pastor Richie spoke words that were healing to my soul. I learned that I am not alone in the grieving process. I think that sometimes we think we are alone on our journeys. But we are not. We have family, friends and even better, Jesus Christ to help us get through the hard times. Even if we don't know Christ or don't want to know him, he is here waiting to heal us. It was good to hear that. I even got the courage to share a funny story about Kelly, and share how every time I saw her, she was the bright spot in my day. I will miss Kelly more than I can even put into words, but I have hope and assurance that I will see her again. Meanwhile, I will still grieve, but I will heal. The process has already begun.

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