Monday, January 5, 2009

Empty Cabinets

About this time every year, I decide to do a crazy clean-out of some part of my house. This year it was the kitchen. Yesterday I took EVERYTHING out of the bottom cabinets and most things out of the other cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. The result was that I had way too many kitchen tools. As a Pampered Chef consultant, I got everything free or at 1/2 price, and I had to have everything in order to sell the products. Well, now I realize that I don't need the glazed and unglazed baker, two sets of salad tongs, a pie server I'll never use, etc. I set aside the things I did not need and the pile was so big that I just had to share the wealth with my friends. I gave away 42 kitchen tools, and I'm not just talking little chip clips (although those were a hot ticket item). Some of the tools were practically new. (I still have a banana tree, brushed stainless serving picks for appetizers, aprons, a sugar dispenser, spreader and a few other small things. If you live nearby, come on over.)

Anyway, when I rearranged the kitchen and put everything back in the cabinets, I had one full bottom cabinet EMPTY, and one counter completely BARE. I had been wanting more counter space to bake and prepare lunch and dinner, and now I have it!

Needless to say, I am very excited, but not just about more cabinet space! I also had so much fun giving things away. This is how it should be. No eBay or garage selling. Instead just giving. I had someone say that I could have gone on eBay and gotten a lot of money for this stuff--and I know I could--but I honestly have way more fun giving to my friends than pocketing money. Upside-down thinking, I know. Maybe all the early marriage years of going without and having people give to us has instilled in me a joy of giving, or maybe I was born with a bent toward giving. Either way, it is true what the old adage says, "Tis Better to Give than Receive!"

Next, I think I will tackle the hall closets!


frisky said...

I don't know Christine... it was pretty good being on the receiving end of that one!! I came home a little giddy!

Christine H. said...

I still think it's funny that you came over within minutes of when I called you, and you don't even like to cook! : ) LOL

hestermom said...

I got your e-mail, was so excited, and then didn't have the energy to actually read through the list. We just got over being sick, so I am still a little low on energy. =)

Christine H. said...

I know how you feel. We've been sick off and on since before Thanksgiving. I think it's finally over. I hope you are all well and good for many many more months to come! I still have a few one seems to need a banana tree. : ) LOL

LysaLy said...

I sold Pampered Chef, too, for about a year. Just until I got pregnant with Payson and couldn't stand to look at food, let alone cook it for strangers! We have the same problem of too much stuff! :)

George Erdosh said...

You are right about kitchens tools and gadgets--most people have way too many and unused , as I observed as a caterer.

It is hard to emphasize the usefulness of GOOD kitchen tools for cooking. Without them, cooking is a chore and a cook quickly loses interest in the kitchen. In fact, I devoted a full chapter to this subject in my recent book: Kitchen Tools to Keep, Kitchen Tools to Trash in my new book.

Check out my latest (Nov/08):

Tried and True Recipes from a Caterer’s Kitchen—Secrets of Making Great Foods

Christine H. said...

You know, I should be insulted by your question, Gina. I mean, I do know people that you don't know. LOL : )

But no, I do not know him. He is probably plugging his new book in every way possible. That's creative public relations, if you ask me.