Thursday, December 4, 2008

You've got to be kidding me!

That's my phrase when things seem outrageous or when things go from bad to worse, as they did just now. I was in the kitchen making hot chocolate in a sauce pan on the stove and talking on the phone (mistake #1). I boiled the hot chocolate over and covered the stove and the underneath part, too! I cleaned it up, which took awhile, and then poured the remaining hot chocolate into a carafe. I poured it while the carafe was on the counter, not in the sink (mistake #2) and the hot chocolate missed the carafe and spilled all over the counter. I cleaned that up, filled up the carafe and got my second carafe down to fill it up. Then I discovered that there was only about a cup of hot chocolate left, instead of another carafe-full like I started with before all of the spills. So, I poured that into a cup and decided I would at least enjoy some chocolate. Well, as I reached over to get the dish rag to do some final cleaning, I knocked over the cup, leaving me with about a swallow-full of hot chocolate. Then I said my famous phrase "you've got to be kidding me!" and left the kitchen never to return (well, at least for a few minutes while I write this blog).


Michele said...

Christine you make me laugh! We have all been here- my most recent was with some coffee grounds, it wasn't pretty.

Alexa said...

That would be a typical day in my life.

ATSmith said...

wow! i would have been so frustrated!!!