Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What I've learned...

Just this past week, I have learned the following:

1.) You can use Papa Gow's famous homemade fudge to bribe your kids to smile sweetly for the camera!

2.) It is possible to receive TOO MANY candy canes in December, causing you to resort to throwing some away! (I mean, you can't just keep passing them off to others, right?)

3.) You do win the contest for the most brittle and dry Christmas tree if the branches snap off and fall to the ground when you are on the other side of the room watching!

4.) It is easy and fun to IM, especially with your sister-in-law who lives in New Zealand. (Why didn't I do this before?)

5.) Coffee that is two-days old and still sitting in the pot should have gone down the drain, not into my coffee cup and thus into my stomach. Yuck!

6.) I'm not sure if I want my sister to see what I look like while I'm talking on the phone with her. (She got us a webcam for Christmas!)

and I saved the best for last...

7.) There is practically no limit to what my husband will do to eat a cookie. (Yesterday I walked into the bathroom to find a chocolate-chip cookie on the windowsill. It had to be two days old because that is when our neighbor brought them over. I showed it to Eric, who got excited and said, "I remember setting it there to eat after I used the bathroom. I must have forgotten about it." Then Eric took it out of my hands and started eating it.)


frisky said...

#1. Did you say "fudge"? I LOVE fudge. I lose weight when I eat fudge, I don't know how, but it's true... at least when I was pregnant.
#2. If you have the mini ones, I'll take 'em.
#3. You're so competitve... hahaha
#4. Next you'll be saying that you want a cell phone... what is this world coming to?
#5. Nasty.
#6. My sis wants us to get a webcam too. Maybe she should get us one for Christmas too. (Are you reading this Marilyn?)
#7. That's WAY nastier than #5. Gross Eric!

hestermom said...

That was a great picture of the girls!!
#1 thing I learned this year- if you actually want to send Christmas cards, you need to start thinking about it before the 23rd. Oops. There's always next year.

ATSmith said...

I loved this blog ... esp. #6 : ) So funny how our facial expressions speak so much louder than our words ...

Rebecca said...

Oh, the fudge! It's not Christmas til the fudge starts flowing. There will be chocolate!