Saturday, December 13, 2008


A few days ago in school, Amber had to read and write a list of words. She also had to say each word in a complete sentence that she though up on her own. For the first few words, she thought up standard sentences like "You are my mommy and I love you" for the word AND. Then we got to the word CAN and her sentence was, "I'm opening a can of sardines." It only got sillier from there. Here's the rest of the sentences she created:

PAN: I'm cooking sardines in the pan.
TAG: This tag says there's sardines in the can.
PAD: I am writing 'sardines' on a pad of paper.
HAD: I had to cook sardines for our dinner.
JAM: I'm putting jam on my sardines.
PAT: I gave the sardines a love pat.

With each sentence she created, she got giddier and giddier. I am glad she enjoys school so much!

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hestermom said...

So glad she's having fun!!! Now, has she ever had sardines??