Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Busy as a Bee

My daughter, Amber, was in the church Christmas musical last weekend. It was a fun musical, and she had a blast up there on stage singing and dancing and saying her one line. She did great! I've been taking her to practices since October, so I have memorized all of the songs and can't get them out of my head. One song in particular spoke to me during this busy Christmas season. It's called Prince of Peace and the lyrics are powerful. So I though I'd share them with you. Too bad you don't know the beat to the song so you could sing along...

There's lots of Christmas cards I know I need to send,
and more parties than I ever could attend.
It's so crowded at the stores; I can't do this anymore.
It's noisy and it's late; it's hurry up and wait,
and all we hear this time of year is Christmas cheer! Argh!
All we hear this time of year is Christmas cheer.
The gifts I try to buy are always out of stock.
To mail my packages, the line's around the block.
Mom, my chores will have to wait. Dad, again we're running late.
I'm cranky tired and cold; this season's getting old. (my favorite line)
I want to pout, or shall I shout? I'm Christmased out!
I want to pout, or shall I shout? I'm Christmased out! Wait!

My life shouldn't be this way, Lord Jesus.
This isn't why you came, Lord Jesus.
I want my life to change and find a better way.
I want the Prince of Peace to reign, to reign!

Prince of Peace, King of Kings,
Your steadfast love is all I need.
I will seek Your face and celebrate Your birth.
Prince of Peace reign in me; I'll let your spirit guide me,
For You came to bring me peace, peace on earth!
Prince of Peace, all I need, reign in me...


frisky said...

I think the theme for a lot of us this year is, "The Scaled Back Christmas." I must say... I LIKE IT A LOT.

hestermom said...

Hey Christine, just wanted to make sure... the 16th is Tuesday, right?? Okay. just checking. =)

Rebecca said...

Very cool Christmas song! And re: Heidi, my new friend this year is a little book called 100 Dollar Holiday. Oh yes. Although I'm not sure I can keep it quite that low, I can surely try.

Amber looks so at home up there on stage!