Friday, November 14, 2008

Fall Birthdays!

Last Sunday we celebrated four birthdays at Eric's parents home in Santa Barbara. Eric's cousin, Grace, had a birthday mid-October, mine was late-October, and Eric's and Autumn's birthdays are both in mid-November. (Autumn actually turns 3 on Sunday!) We had a small, family gathering at the Hodge Lodge #1, complete with dinner, cards, gifts and Eric's mom's famous homemade lemon chiffon cake! Yuuuummmmmy! The evening ended with Eric's dad giving Eric a much-needed haircut and trimming Autumn's bangs. Although I thoroughly enjoy planning and giving large birthdays parties, it was nice this year to just gather with family for a quiet evening.

The birthday family!

Autumn was so shy when we
sang "Happy Birthday" to her!


hestermom said...

Wow, Christine!! I should really know this by now, but when is your birthday??? Happy Birthday to you all!! We have 4 out of 6 birthdays in October, not to mention all the extended family birthdays in that month.

Jeff Frazee said...

It looks like Autumn is ready for some riverdance lessons!