Sunday, October 19, 2008

"Plink" goes another tooth!

I pulled out Amber's second loose tooth today, two Sundays after I pulled out her first tooth. This one was hanging by a thread. Amber put it in her tooth box and under her pillow when she went to bed. I just snuck in there and replaced the tooth with a dollar. Both times I've done this, I've been a little nervous, hoping she wouldn't wake up, even though I know she is a heavy sleeper. Both times I have been successful in the exchange.

Two weeks ago I put a dollar bill folded into what I thought looked like a crown, but Amber though it was a triangle. I guess I should get a book on origami. I also included a little gold euro coin. When she asked what it was, I told her it was a coin from Europe and she couldn't spend it, but it was probably meant for fun. She loved it because it was her new favorite color: gold. We decided that the Tooth Fairy might be from Paris. It has been so much fun to play along with the whole tooth fairy story.

I know some of my friends have strong opinions about this, but--heck--she's just a kid, and we're just having fun. She already knows the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are not real; she discovered that a while ago. But this time she really thinks there's a Tooth Fairy. So we are having fun with the whole thing. When she's older and wiser, I think she will have fond memories of this time and not be sending me the bills for her psychiatrist.

Tonight I gave her another dollar, but this time I rolled up a coin from Somalia inside of the dill. I have no idea where I got it, but I know she will love it because it's silver and has an elephant on it. The only downside to this whole tooth fairy thing is that I don't get to see Amber's reaction when she wakes up in the morning and finds the money. She tells me all about it, though.

What am I going to do the next time? I'm glad there are no more loose teeth for the moment so I have time to find another foreign coin.


frisky said...

Yeah for imagination!!!

hestermom said...

They are growing up too fast.

heidibelle said...

Well I know where you could get some foreign money... :) I could get you some from a couple countries. Let me know when you need it.