Sunday, October 5, 2008

Here Comes the Tooth Fairy!

After church today, Amber lost one of her loose teeth. It didn't fall out; I pulled it out. Eric was out playing soccer and Autumn was taking a nap. Amber told me that her tooth was very loose and I checked it. I said that I could pull it out if she wanted. We are going to the church picnic later and I really didn't want the tooth falling out there and getting lost. So, I got a napkin and started to yank. Then I had second thoughts. I really didn't think I could do it. I knew it didn't hurt Amber because she was smiling away, but I still was hesitant to pull it out. I cringed and gave it a gentle tug and out it came. Amber was so excited. She didn't even care about the blood. I gave Amber a special porcelain tooth box that Eric and I bought for her years ago. Now she can't wait until tonight when she puts the tooth under her pillow.


LysaLy said...

I wish you would come over and yank on my daughter's loose tooth. It is so gross it is driving me nuts!

hestermom said...

Yep, Emma's got a loose one too... in fact, I think it might be the same tooth as Amber's!!! But, I can't yank it out... although, Ben told her she could if she wanted. She just been wiggling away at it.

frisky said...

Loose teeth are one of the only things that gives me the weeby-jeebies. I could barely read your post... ick!!! And pictures, too!
When the boys need a tooth out, I just tie a very long piece of dental floss to the tooth and just wait for them to eventually trip on it. Works every time.

Jeff Frazee said...


yeah Amber!!! I hope it's as exciting for the next 19.
I don't think Drew has a single loose tooth.
P.S. Is it just me, or is that a kinda long, scary looking tooth?

Dave & Katie said...

How fun! Well, for Amber...maybe not for you since you had to pull it out. Good times.