Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Sometimes I remember to be grateful when something could have turned out worse than it was. Today was one of those times.

This afternoon I heard moaning coming from Autumn's bedroom. She generally wakes up groggy and cranky, so I wasn't too concerned. I walked into Autumn's bedroom and found her covered in dried blood. By covered in blood, I mean all over her face, both hands and arms, both legs (she wasn't wearing pants) and splotched on her t-shirt. It's amazing how calm a mom can become in a scary situation. I picked her up, grabbed the box of baby wipes (a multi-purpose item in our home), took her into the bathroom and locked the door. I locked the door because if Amber saw the blood, she would have gone ballistic, thus upsetting Autumn further. Eric was home so I asked him to join me in the bathroom to asses where the blood was coming from. It turned out to be a bloody nose. Eric went back to work and I set to the task of wiping off all of the blood. Autumn must have scratched her nose crazy because the blood under her fingernails was so bad I had to clip the nails. (Okay, maybe that was too graphic!)

Autumn is our little bleeder. When she gets cut, she bleeds more than the average child. But she doesn't have hemophilia or that other hard-to pronounce disease. She had extensive blood tests done when she was 10-months-old. She's just a bleeder, and today reminded me of that fact.

So after Autumn was all cleaned up and sitting down to the kiddie table with her afternoon snack, I thanked the Lord that it was just a nose-bleed and that she hadn't cut herself or ...(fill in the blank). I thanked the Lord for one more day with my two precious daughters. I am very grateful.

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heidibelle said...

I remember Autumn being a bleeder, but that is crazy... I'm so glad she is OK.