Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bye Bye Fishies, Hello Bunnies!

We recently made the switch from Goldfish crackers (a staple in the girls snack diet) to Annie's Homegrown Cheddar Bunnies. While I like to give the girls apples and veggies for their afternoon snacks, sometimes I like to have food I can grab in a hurry, or take with us on the go. But I was growing tired of all the additives and preservatives found in so many snack foods. Then I stumbled upon Annie's products at Target. I was first attracted to the cute orange and purple boxes with the bunny on the front. Then I read on the box "Made with Organic Wheat...Zero Grams Trans Fat...All-Natural...No Additives or Preservatives...Excellent Source of Calcium..."

Was it too good to be true? I read the ingredients--which I have been doing more lately in an attempt to rid our home of MSG--and found that I could pronounce everything on the label. Wow! Annie's only sells four products: mac & cheese, toasted O cereal, cheddar bunnies and honey grahams. We've tried the last two and they are yummy! The ingredients in the Bunny Honey Grahams is: organic wheat flour, organic evaporated can juice, expeller pressed vegetable oil, honey, organic corn flour, organic graham flour, calcium carbonate, sea salt, natural flavor and baking soda.

That sold me right there. Evaporated cane juice is so much better for our bodies than sugar and that dreadful high fructose corn syrup! Annie's also has a game on the back of the box and suggestions for using the box after it's empty, so it doesn't end up in a landfill. Of course, you can always recycle it, but I thought the ideas were clever. Anyway, you can find Annie's products ($2.39 a box) at the new Target in the mall--at the back of the food section, in the corner, second aisle over from the wall, on the right hand side, near the crackers (just in case you were wondering).


frisky said...

Can you be a little more specific as to where to find them in the store, please?
Sounds yummy, maybe I can try one at your house sometime.....

Jeff Frazee said...

There's plenty of organic material in our house, but it's not good for eating. So I've mostly been trying to rid the house of BM. Once that's out of the way I'll start working on MSG.

frisky said...

Ummm, "BM" Jeff? I can only think of one thing that stands for "BM" and from what I've heard, it's good to have about 2-3 "BM's" a day. It's all about the fiber, man, all about the fiber.