Wednesday, September 3, 2008

VCR Bites the Dust!

The other day I put a library video in our VCR and all we saw was snow. It wasn't a winter movie! Today I put a video we have in the VCR and got he same thing. Then I put in another and--yes--our VCR id officially broken. We've only had it for less than five years. It's built in to our TV monitor, so if we replaced the VCR, we'd have to replace the whole thing.

Okay all you techy people out there, and even those of you who aren't so technically savvy, I have a few questions and I want your opinion.

1.) I did an inventory on my VHS video library. I have about two dozen videos. The girls have about the same amount. So, is it worth it to buy a new TV/VCR or try to fix our VCR, or would it be better to just replace our favorite VHS videos with used DVDs (Blockbuster and Amazon have pretty good prices on previously viewed DVDs)?

2.) Is there a way to transfer VHS videos to DVDs? (And do any of you have the equipment to do that?)

3.) Do you think that eventually no one will own VCRs anyway? I hate the thought of not being able to watch our wedding video or my skydiving videos that are on VHS. What will people do to watch old VHS videos?

Okee dokee! That's all my questions. Thanks!

Have a great Wednesday night!


heidibelle said...

Yes VHS tapes will be obsolete some day. Just replace the ones you like. You can get your important ones copied. There is a machine that does that. My mom has one in Michigan. I'm going there in November if you want me to copy yours for you. Let me know... Heidi

LysaLy said...

I still have my cassettes...I'm probably NOT a good authority. HA!

Lysa Lynch :)

Ryan said...

I think that they are already obsolete, even though the girls still watch some of our old ones. We have well over a hundred VHS tapes, but don't own our own VCR, and wouldn't ever buy one. By the way, there hasn't officially been a commercial VHS tape made since December 2006.

If you really want to continue to rent movies from the library, or watch your old ones, an easy fix would be to buy a cheap VCR at a thrift store to hook up to your "all-in-one" TV.

frisky said...

If you can't get your wedding video to Heidi for whatever reason, I know Costco can transfer it to dvd. I have no idea about the cost, but I'm sure it's not TOO outrageous.

Anonymous said...

There are DVD/VHS machines that you can get at places like Best Buy. We got one for Glenn's parents a couple years ago. Electronics seem to be cheap at Thanksgiving so if you can hold off? Also Freecycle around here is always having people giving/taking VHS players and sometimes a DVD player. I think DVD is the way to go. They last longer than VHS tapes too. Glenn put our VHS wedding on to the computer to someday burn back to a DVD but since we haven't watched it we still just store it on the computer. :)