Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Necklace

Hi everyone! We're back from our road trip to Arizona. It was wonderful! I'll have to blog about it tomorrow (or the next day or whenever I get out from under unpacking). Meanwhile, I wanted to share a story that I wrote in my journal while we were in Phoenix. I wrote it right after it happened. It is totally true, not one of those email urban legends. (And please don't make it become one.) Oh, Lisa H. and Debbie, you've been forewarned: you might want to get out a box of tissue.


The Necklace
By Christine A. Hodge

"I like your necklace, Aunt Johanna," my 5-year-old daughter, Amber, said as she touched the gold balls attached to the chain.

Johanna, my brother's wife, smiled and fingered the necklace herself.
"This necklace is very special," she said. "I received it for my birthday this year from your Uncle Steve."

My eyebrows scrunched together and I shot Johanna a quizzical look. You see, my brother Steve suddenly passed away in February, six months before his wife's birthday.

"You haven't heard the story?" Johanna asked when she saw my puzzled expression. She then went on to tell me what became one of the greatest love stories I have ever heard.

Almost two decades before Steve and Johanna even met, my brother lived with our sister, Deborah, in Colorado. One day he brought home a gold necklace he had purchased and gave it to Deborah.

"Here, keep this for me until I find my soul mate and then give it back to me and I'll give it to her," Steve said.

It took my brother a long time to find, fall in love with and marry his soul mate, Johanna. By then, my sister had tucked the necklace away, out of sight and memory.

Last month, right before Johanna's birthday, my sister happened upon the necklace and remembered what Steve had told her so many years ago. She put the gold necklace in a box with an attached note of explanation and mailed it to Johanna in time for her birthday.

My brother loved his wife dearly. Although he had passed away months earlier, he still managed to give her one last birthday present; a memory she will cherish forever.


hestermom said...

Okay, first let me just say that I have really missed you while you've been gone. I know we don't actually get together very often, but at least through the blogs, I feel like I talk to you every couple of days!! So I am glad you are all back safe and sound. Second, that was such a beautiful, touching story, I am so glad that you shared. Third, how is everything going? Is Amber still enjoying school? ARE YOU?? =) Write soon, I miss you.

Melanie said...

Wow! Tears and the hairs on my arms stood up. So sweet and touching.

ATSmith said...

Seriously don't know why I ever shave my legs ... I got goose bumps by the first 1/4 of the page and they just kept poking up ... amazing, lovely story. So wonderful!

Michele said...

What a wonderful story- God does work in amazing ways. Glad you got home safe, we loved seeing you, it's been WAY too long! Let's not wait so long next time!

heidibelle said...

Wow... that is so cool... What a treasure for her...