Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Memory Lane

Next week my family and I are driving to Phoenix for my 20th High School Reunion. I am so excited! To prepare for my reunion, I wanted to look through my old yearbooks. They were in storage and so I had Eric and his dad lift the three very heavy plastic bins from the very high shelf in the garage. As you can imagine, I rarely look through these bins and so I was eager to go through them. Eric was taking the girls on an overnight boat trip, so I seized the opportunity to look through my memories without little ones wanting to get their little hands into my stuff. My family left in the morning, and so at noon I decided to look for my yearbooks. It wasn't hard to find them. What was hard was resisting the urge to look at and read everything in those three boxes. At 5:00 p.m., I realized I hadn't eaten lunch and that I'd better put the lids on the boxes and put a frozen pizza in the oven.

If it weren't for my hunger pains, I probably would have been sitting on the living room floor, surrounded by memorabilia for the next 24 hours. In the boxes were my Star Wars action figures, my Strawberry Shortcake dolls (which I plan on giving my girls next year), poems and stories I had written when I was in grade school, every newspaper article I have ever written, old books, my Grandma Gow's poems, the negatives from our wedding, my first piggy bank, records (you know, the big round kind that play music), tax receipts, Eric's coin collection (the only thing in the boxes belonging to him!), the ring bearer pillow from our wedding, our first wine bottle, and a few stuffed animals. I know all of this because I wrote down what was in each box for future reference.

I threw away a few things, gave away a few things and kept out a few of my small toys that I plan on putting in the girls' stocking this Christmas (money-saver). I also gave Amber my Dancerella doll that still works (she loves it!) and I gave Autumn my Drowsy doll (that doesn't work). Amber really appreciated the fact that these were my toys as a child and she been telling everyone about it!

Perhaps the neatest thing I found in those boxes was a small essay I wrote when I was 13 years old. Here's what it says:

I see myself at age 30 single, a journalist working for the Arizona Republic" on the Leisure section. I will be living in an apartment with my friend Rhonda. I will be dating, babysitting little kids and trying to get the whole family (5 brothers, 1 sister, Mom and Dad) together for a dinner at Mom's house. I will also be writing a book to publish about my family and our funny situations, sort of like an auto-biography. That's how I see myself.

Well, at age 30 I was already married for almost 4 years. I was not living with Rhonda Babel (although she was in our wedding). I had already worked for a daily newspaper in Arizona and I did leisure articles now and then. I think the whole family was together at my parent's house for Christmas the year I was 30, and we definitely ate my mom's famous Mexican feast. I have not even begun to write an autobiography, and I don't think I ever will. (I'm leaning toward children's literature, if ever I get the chance to write again.)

I am so glad I am not single, and I have no regrets for the fact that I am currently not employed at a newspaper. I am living out a dream that you could say I never dreamed, a reality that is far better than any dreams or goals I had. Nonetheless, it was fun taking a long walk down that proverbial "Memory Lane." Thanks for walking with me.


hestermom said...

Thanks for sharing!! Isn't it amazing how God knows us so well, and even knows our own heart's desires better than we do!! Happy Memories...=)

heidibelle said...

Sounds like that is going to be a FUN trip!!! I'm glad you are getting to go do that. And how fun to go through those old boxes. I love doing that. God sure does know best in our lives. Sometimes it takes those looks back at what we wanted to see that! Love you

LysaLy said...

I can't wait to see you in person and give you a BIG welcoming hug home. I think I was the subject of at least one of two of those articles at TGB. I was going to be the "next Jane Pauley" in my adult life (remember the Bruin News???) Well, I am a kindergarten teacher and would not trade that for the crazy world of crazy news! :)