Friday, September 26, 2008

Cars have feelings, too!

Every once in a while, Eric will repair a car in our garage. Today he left an SUV in the garage to finish later, and went to another job. As Autumn was eating her afternoon snack just now, she looked out the back door and said, "The car is sad."

"Why is the car sad?" I asked.

Autumn replied, "It misses daddy."

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frisky said...

My 1st car (I'm currently on my 2nd car) was a Nissan Sentra and it had an automatic seat belt. All my friends in high school knew to say, "Thank you, Pierre" when it would cross over them. Yep, the seat belts name was Pierre. And there was a dead spider behind the little window covering the speedometer and his name was Guido. Billy even remembers him.
So, yeah, I think Autumn's right.