Friday, August 15, 2008

Thunder & Lightning

This morning I woke up at 2:15 to the sound of thunder. I opened my eyes to see lightning casting shadows in our bedroom. I got up and wandered into the living room, pulled back the shades, sat on the couch and looked out the window at the lightning dancing across the sky. In that moment, I was instantly a kid again.

Growing up in Phoenix, Arizona, I vividly remember evenings of leaning over the back of the couch, looking out our big front window at lightning storms. We had thunder and lightning storms for days and weeks every year. It was a part of my childhood I fondly remember. I was never afraid of the booming thunder or flashes of light. It was as natural to me as a Goliath beetle is to a kid who grows up in the jungles of Africa. (Okay Heidi, I know that's a weak analogy.)

A few minutes later, Eric joined me in the living room and was fascinated with the storm.
"This is so cool," he said. "We never get this in Ojai!"

"We used to get these storms all the time in Phoenix," I told him as he walked out onto the front porch to get a better look at the lightning.

We sat on the couch and watched the storm together. The rain really started to pour and the power went off and on a few times. We saw lights on in our neighbor's house across the street. I guess we weren't the only ones watching the light show. It was awesome!


Rebecca said...

That's one of the things I like about being up here. We get them every once in a while, never quite as big and loud as I remember from growing up in the South, but still, it's nice. (Except last time when it started all that fire trouble!) Ojai could do with a few thunderstorms now and then. It makes things feel new.

frisky said...

Billy, Casse & I turned the pillows around on our bed and watched the "show". Casse was scared at first, hence being in our bed, but quickly started liking it. It was definitely breathtaking.

mandrews said...

Janae was in my room last night because someone was staying in her room and my dogs were in my room too... the dogs woke me up at 2 because they were scared... Nae and I were amazed, but totally freaked out because we haven't seen a storm like this (in Ojai) EVER! We stayed up until about 3:30 because the dogs were so scared... One hid under the bed while Toby (the big, tough, older brother) jumped up in the bed with us because he was so scared...

Michele said...

We are just about to get into that monsoon season here and I agree, it is always a good show. However our dog, not a big fan. We'll have to see how our 6 mo. old feels about them.