Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School for Everyone!

Today was Autumn's first day of preschool, Amber's first day of kindergarten and my first day as a homeschool teacher! We all survived, and we all had a good day!

We started the day with a hearty breakfast (eggs & toast) and left at 8:00 a.m. to take Autumn to Noah's Ark Preschool. She attended six months last year, but this was her first day in a new class with new teachers, Miss Susi and Miss Megan. She did fine, and was happy when her good friend, Stella, walked in. Autumn didn't cry when I left and I didn't cry, either!

We returned home and straightened up the house until 9:00 and then started school. We are using Sing, Spell, Read & Write curriculum. We started with the Raceway song and the A to Z Phonics song, and then hit the books to work on writing her first and last name and the letter of the day: A. Amber practiced writing A in uppercase (which she has obviously mastered by now, her name beginning with A) and lowercase. Then she did a cut & paste page that helps refine her skill in using scissors. Then we played Sound-O Bingo (I sound out the letter and she finds it on her score card) and a letter pairs game similar to Go Fish. Then we sing the A to Z Phonics song again, and the day is over, before 11:00 a.m.!
We will work on one letter each day and then after 26 days, we will go to the second workbook, which focuses on vowels, vocabulary development, reading, grammar and manuscript writing. We are all very excited about this program! The only downside to homeschooling: I can't get the A to Z Phonics song out of my head!
P.S. We also joined a homeschool group, Sun Valley Educators, that does special events and field trips. Amber is also going to do gymnastics on Fridays for her sport. When Autumn isn't in preschool (M, W, F) she will color in a book and just learn right alongside Amber.


Rebecca said...

How exciting!! I love the first day of homeschooling. We're going to start later this year, once the baby is nursing predictably. I'm so happy for you guys that you're off to such a good start!

heidibelle said...

What great pictures you got to remember the day with! I hope all continues to go well. How are stella and autumn doing?

Christine H. said...

The little girls are doing fine. They played together the whole time the first day, we were told. They only are together on Tuesdays because Stella goes Tues./Fridays. So, Thursday when I picked up Autumn from preschool-on the way home I asked her, "What did you do today in school?" She said, "Stella no school today." I said, "I know Stella wasn't there, so what did you do today?" She said, "Stella no school today. Diego school. Rowan school. Stella no school today." It was precious! Those two are inseperable! It is too cute!