Saturday, August 16, 2008

The 1980s

I love the 80s! I loved the styles, the hair and especially the music. So I was way too excited when my friend Melissa invited me to an 80s girls night in. It was a blast listening to 80s music and looking at yearbooks and photos of my friends when they were in high school. Even though I didn't grow up in Ojai and I didn't know any of these gals when I was a teen-ager, it was fun looking through their yearbooks and reading all of the cheesy things people wrote inside. It was fun watching Laurisa and Debbie do the moonwalk, sprinkler and roger rabbit (no, we didn't breakdance)! It was fun saying things like, "Do you remember when..."

Here's some pictures of now...and then. I won the contest for the best 80s hair back then. Incidentally, I am going to my 20th high school reunion in Phoenix next month. Yay! I love the 80s!
Me, Melissa & Laurisa
My high school press pass. It took me an hour in
the bathroom and a lot of hairspray to achieve that look!


Rebecca said...

OH. MY. You guys are too funny!

ATSmith said...

Glad the Catalina trip was fun :) Yuck -- smelly rats!!! Great 80's pics --- you ladies must have been giggling a lot that night : )

Jeff Frazee said...

That hair due is well worth the hour in the bathroom... and the hole in the o-zone, even if it was just to win a contest nearly 20 years later!

Kari said...

Got to love the 80's.... yeah class of '81'! Love the eye shadow, love the do!! xo

heidibelle said...

You are SO cute!!! :)